Nature’s mission of creating a renewable ecosystem

Martens Renewables offers a unique waste treatment and environmental service package to the maritime and petrochemical industry. With a mission of creating a “renewable” ecosystem for a much needed different approach towards waste treatment and recovery of hydrocarbons into a renewable oil stream.

With Martens Renewables, Nature Group has started its journey for a circular and renewable transition of its environmental services where we place sustainability at the heart of our strategy.


Environmental services to the maritime and petrochemical industry

Over the past three decades, Nature Group has been a hub of innovation for maritime (MARPOL ANNEX 1 – VI), offshore and industrial waste treatment. We are a leading wastewater collection and treatment company with operations throughout all ports in the Netherlands and increasing presence throughout Belgium.

At our strategic located facility between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Nature Group operates a first-class port reception and recycling facility. At Nature Martens Renewables a wide range of services are offered. This includes the actual processing of waste streams collected from the shipping industry, inland barges, emergency response services and both maritime and industrial cleaning services.