About us

Martens Renewables and its ships waste treatment facility is located in the so called “Sloehaven” at Vlissingen-Oost. This includes an easy accessible waterfront 200mtr deep-sea quay. with excellent road and waterfront connections.

Being part of Nature Group, Martens offers a comprehensive One-Stop-Ship total package of services:

  • Maritime Waste Collection (Marpol Annex I – VI)
  • Industrial Waste Collection
  • Cleaning services to the shipping and petrochemical industry
  • Sewage disposal
  • Emergency / quick response services

Maritime collection: 

Martens Renewables has a wide range of ships that are certified for the transport of waste, such as low flash, oils, small chemical waste, and other types of waste.

Ships cleaning:

Martens Renewables focuses on maritime cleaning.

Using vacuum trucks, high-pressure/hot-water units and other specialized equipment, we are able to carry out a wide range of cleaning activities. This includes:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Double-bottom tanks
  • Engine rooms
  • Cargo tanks
  • Cleaning of holds

Processing in Martens Havenontvangstinstallatie Vlissingen

Martens’ Port Reception and Treatment Facility processes oil-containing waste water (tank washings) and other oil-related (ship generated) waste streams. The facility is also the designated PRF / harbour-reception installation for processing and recycling of:

  • Maritime waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Oil-containing / on-shore generated waste streams
  • Oil-containing / ships generated waste streams
  • Ballast water collection and processing
  • Tank washings / pre-washes
  • Engine room sludges and bilge water