Industrial Waste


We provide 24/7 the processing of maritime or industrial waste water

  • We will collect by car, or ship
  • It is possible to collect urgently.


We have a water-bound location so we can transport by ship.

  • Our ships transport upto 1500 m3 ;
  • Our harbour has unristricted acces to the sea;
  • Our ships and people are certified to sail in petroleumports


We have a large fleet of vacuumtrucks

  • Because we work with a 24 hour schedule, it is possible to collect urgently;
  • Our cars have separate compartments, so we can take different liquids in a ride legally;


We are equipped to collect waste water even in difficult situations.

  • Our cars and ships are equipped with powerful pumps and certified hoses;
  • Our skippers and operators are trained and certified, if it’s necessary, they can find creative solutions to the drain;


We have our own processing plant with high capacity and wide acceptance standards.

  • We have 180.000m3 processingcapacity per year and we can store upto 10.000m3 ;
  • We test in our own lab and we can proces also oily waste water;